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2005 Following an explosion that occurred on Sept. 21st 2001, at a fertilizers site in Toulouse, a working group, including industrial companies, academic entities and local authorities was formed. Called “Chimie autrement” the group was led by the local Chamber of Commerce to promote the chemistry of the future.

2006 The project was backed up by regional and state fundings (CPER 2007-2013).

2007 A marketing study confirms the need for industrial entities of such technological breakthrough.

Preliminary tests lead to the creation of a not for profit organization called MEPI.

2008 MEPI is accredited by local technology clusters Cancer Bio Santé (Health) and AGRIMIP (Agroressources).

First studies are held and a workshop is erected.

2009 A second workshop is built (150 m²). Additionnal investments widen the technological range of existing equipments.

2010 MEPI joins the french innovation platforms program

2011 MEPI serves as various markets as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals…

2012 MEPI is developping itself outside France as well

2013 MEPI starts its first pre industrialization costs studies for various matured clients.

MEPI develops a strong know-how for in line analysis, a natural tool for flow chemistry.

MEPI strengthens its core competence in continuous hazardous reactions : elementary fluorinations, sodium azide chemistries, nitrations…

2014 MEPI engages its first studies based on route scouting to cut existing industrial costs via alternative ambitious chemistries.

Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT) becomes a MEPI active member, giving MEPI access to new innovative technologies developed by the Toulouse community of researchers (3000 members) and reinforcing the value of local discoveries by assessing a proof of concept at industrial scale.

MEPI and Nitech Solutions Limited sign a Collaboration Agreement to develop the COBR technology.