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Our mission

MEPI is aiming at several complimentary objectives:

  • Demonstration, optimization & implementation of innovative processes to promote their adoption by the chemical industry.
  • Supporting the growth of Green Process Engineering, a key factor to the recovery of local productions and national independence for strategic sectors like pharmaceuticals or battery chemicals.
  • Design the factory of the future, answering compulsory economic and social compliance expectations.


Innovative Processes developed by MEPI are highly recommended for :

  • Selectivity and yields improvements (ex. multistep chemical synthesis with unstable intermediates…),
  • Handling highly exothermic reactions in safe conditions, reaction volumes being up to 50 000 times smaller at equal productivity.
  • Reaction parameters optimizing (ex. temperature range for cryogenic synthesis),
  • Reduction of reagent excess, concentration of synthesis media,
  • Avoiding solvent uses and short cutting distillation steps,
  • Regulatory controlled environments (Pharmaceutical, cosmetic products…)
  • Costs killing, and process competitiveness improvement, …