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Our mission

MEPI is aiming at several complimentary objectives :

  • To prove the industrial efficiency of innovative processes for the chemical sectors.
  • To study and offer industrialization of a wide range of chemical reactions while being located on a SEVESO classified industrial site (SAFRAN HERAKLES in Toulouse),
  • To promote the Green Process Engineering  combining process intensification and use of agro ressources,
  • To manage three party projects : university – equipment suppliers – industrials. The industrial party brings process/chemical reaction knowledge, the equipment maker its know how, and the university the academic expertise.

Innovative Processes developed by MEPI are highly recommanded for :

  • Selectivity and yields improvements (ex. multistep chemical synthesis with unstable intermediates..),
  • Handling highly exothermic reactions in safe conditions,
  • Reaction parameters optimizing (ex. temperature range for cryogenic synthesis),
  • Reduction of reagent excess, concentration of synthesis media,
  • Avoiding solvent uses and short cutting distillation steps,
  • Regularory controlled environments (Pharmaceutical products…)
  • Costs killing, and process competitiveness improvement, …